Thursday, January 30, 2014

Your letters: RI has more than Jokowi and Prabowo

There are plenty of Indonesian leaders who can compete with Prabowo Subianto and Jakarta Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo in the upcoming Indonesian presidential election.

Figures like Jusuf Kalla, Mahfud MD, and Anies Baswedan are capable of countering Prabowo’s popularity. They need more media coverage and publicity.

I think why Jokowi should run for the presidency is because he has the potential to inspire the nation to keep reforming the country.

Jokowi, for me, is an inspiring figure. That is his ultimate power. His management skill, in my opinion, is not too special. He is just doing what should have been done by his predecessor a long time ago.

Nevertheless, we must keep an eye on Jokowi not because of his potential to become the next president, but to ensure that he is really doing his job as the governor of Jakarta and whenever he makes bad policies, we must remind him and the people that he’s not perfect as a leader.

We don’t have any idea about his domestic and foreign policy outlook, what is his policy on religious intolerance or what is his policy on rebellious local leaders. More importantly, what is his five-year vision and programs for Indonesia if he were elected as the president?

So, we should not vote for Jokowi because of the Prabowo factor. I just don’t want Indonesian voters going to elect a leader just because he/she is loveable and adorable or just because if he’s not running then someone else who is not too favorable will take the number one position in Indonesia.

Otherwise, what happened in 2004 and 2009 will happen again in 2014.

Some people posting comments on the website are just incapable of giving a proper counterargument to this article.  This is an opinion section, where you can give your subjective views on an issue.

If you don’t agree with the writer, write a counter-article and state your argument.

Instead, most of the comments here are attacking the background of the writer, not the argument.

A little suggestion to you: Why don’t you write something like “Why Jokowi should not run for president”? Then state your argument.

Yoske Nawas

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